Teamwork > Hero. Everyday.

IT’s hard to believe that we are now at 50 full-time employees. When TRANSFR started, most people, except our angel investors thankfully, thought the idea of using virtual reality (VR) to train people for careers was far-fetched. “Isn’t VR just a novelty Christmas gift?” people asked. 


The number of people who were skeptical that VR could be used for anything other than games or gimmicks far outnumbered those who understood its promising potential. However, it seems that opinions are shifting. We are honored and proud to say that one of our early adopters, Alabama Industrial Development Training (AIDT), Alabama’s Workforce Agency, was recently recognized nationally for their cutting edge work integrating TRANSFR’s simulation-based training into pre-employment training to scale their ability to prepare job seekers for careers.


For the last couple of years, we have been working with our customers in Alabama and across the US to develop a scalable model for helping people find a career path that suits their needs and interests to get them on a pathway to upward career mobility.


While hero worship may have become the norm in our culture today, at TRANSFR we recognize the team of people, both internally at our company and externally with our customers, that it takes to successfully implement an innovative solution.  


We view our customers as part of our team, so much so that we’ve given those who are leading the change and driving results, a name: Prosperity Pioneers. These are the folks who don’t just talk about innovation, they inspire it. We found people across workforce development, Fortune 500 companies, and public education who share our excitement and leverage each other's strengths to change the status quo to achieve our shared goal of creating a more prosperous future for everyone. We are now working in 18 states to unlock our vision.


As our team continues to grow, so too does our commitment to diversity and the professional growth of each individual team member. We have women, minorities, and immigrants on every team in critical leadership positions throughout the company including our board of directors. 


We invest in leadership training for every individual at the company, not just the executive team.  Teammates who have demonstrated their ability to lead by example are promoted because we believe that the company’s achievements should translate to the success of employees who fuel those achievements. After all, if we can help our customers create a process of upward career growth, we can do it for our teammates at TRANSFR as well.


In that regard, one of the most exciting things to witness is the growth of each individual team member as they find ways to leave their mark. Just this quarter we have seen team members who:

Kept calm in the face of high stakes, complex engineering challenges and solved them one by one to help scale our technology

Organized remote teams with no prior team history to deliver ambitious release dates.

Drove 1,000 miles in 1 week to meet prospective clients every day
Captivated an audience of all the community college presidents in a state.

Internalized every bit of feedback from more experienced colleagues to go from the most junior team hire to exceed a monthly goal.

Designed and developed a unique storytelling method that enables us to communicate our brand to prospective customers uniquely at scale.

Delivered instructional design that exceeds the expectations of our customers.


Our team’s collective actions put us in a position to deliver the value that customers demand and enable us to live up to our mission. However, this is only the beginning. 

We are energized by the feedback and results that we receive from customers daily so we continue to add leaders to the team who can help TRANSFR execute on its vision at scale.  To that end, we are thrilled to announce our newest executive team member, Monica Lund, as our Chief Business Officer. Monica’s 14+ years of experience in the education industry complements our focus on industry and workforce development as we continue to scale our ability to develop a classroom to career pipeline. Welcome to the team!